Part environmental activist, part aspiring stage, portrait and documentary photographer, I'm fascinated by people, what makes us 'tick', and how we relate to each other and the universe we inhabit.

I've been campaigning against corporate globalisation and for environmental and economic justice for some 25 years, mostly with Friends of the Earth International and Global Forest Coalition.

For me these two interests meet in world music festivals, which bring the very best of the world and its people together, in the most vibrant and life-affirming of global parties, where cultural diversity is shared and celebrated. I see these as the antithesis of neoliberal economics, which devastates and sterilises communities, cultures and the environment.

I am also an enthusiastic photographer of Live Action Role Play (LARP), a similarly brilliant combination of unlimited imagination, compelling drama and camping.

In 2013 I completed an A level in photography and gained my LRPS from the UK's Royal Photographic Society. I'm now studying for a BA (Hons) in photography with the Open College of the Arts in the UK. I'm  a member of Chichester Camera Club, and a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) which exists to promote innovative practical solutions to today's social problems.

I don't sell the images on this site. The images of LARPers are freely shared with LARPers. The images of musicians are only exhibited, but If you are a musician in one of the images and you would like to use it please get in touch, I would be happy to share it with you. 

In solidarity!

Ronnie Hall LRPS FRSA